Fixed Income

2012 saw the birth of SICO's Fixed Income, an almost natural addition to SICO continually growing service offering.

Historically debt capital markets were virtually nonexistent in the GCC where investors' primary focus was traditionally on stocks, private equity and real estate. Following the 2008 collapse in global markets and in turn GCC financial markets, a debt capital market started to emerge in 2009 with various GCC governments taking their first steps in establishing a yield curve for corporate entities to price themselves against. Thus the recent financial crisis spurred the growth of the regional fixed income asset class as equity markets remained depressed. This provided a means by which investors could diversify their portfolios- an important factor often overlooked as a result of being carried away with the exponential returns in traditional asset classes.

Given SICO's conservative yet prudent investment approach, the firm has naturally always viewed fixed income as a favoured asset class and developed its in-house capabilities accordingly, thus making the creation of the Fixed Income almost a natural progression. Today the desk boasts a number of traders who are supported by a dedicated fixed income sales function and focuses on providing brokerage services, repo services. The desk continues to expand its available products and services to cater for the needs of its continually growing client base.

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