Research remains an independent value-added service provided by SICO for its clients. During the past few years, the Bank has enhanced its research capabilities in line with its commitment to offer clients a superior platform and level of service.

SICO's research activities focus on public listed companies in GCC markets. With regional stock markets becoming more integrated and complementary to each other, and with growing regional and global institutional interest, SICO has developed a sector-based approach, with senior analysts covering all major sectors in the region. The research team currently has various products to cater to our clients’ unique requirements, and actively covers about 50 listed GCC companies, accounting for more than 40 per cent of the region’s market capitalization.

Value Added Services to our Clients
Our extensive coverage of all major sectors in the region has helped us to develop expertise in those sectors, and to form a comprehensive view of the region. The team is keen on sharing this knowledge with our client base in its effort to offer clients a superior platform and level of service. In addition, we arrange meetings/conference calls between our analysts and management teams of companies under our coverage, based on specific client requests.

Research Platform and Interactive Website
In 2012, SICO implemented a new research publishing platform, which is a dedicated software system that automates the equity research process.. This has enabled us to offer an interactive website to our clients, allowing them to access SICO’s research products and services at their convenience and comfort. The site offers specific country, sector and company pages, including our recommendations and product listings. It also allows the user to search, compare and download financial information in Excel format.

Access our research portal here…

Research Products

Strategy Reports:SICO’s research team publishes comprehensive and actionable strategy reports on GCC markets, benefitting from the team’s extensive coverage of regional markets. :

  • GCC Strategy Notes: Outlines SICO's views and outlook (both macro and micro) on the GCC markets, along with stock recommendations.
  • GCC Stock Coverage and Recommendations: Intended as a reference guide for clients to understand and get a quick overview of GCC stocks under our coverage.
  • Quarterly Result Preview Report: We publish estimated quarterly financial results of GCC listed companies under our coverage.
  • Quarterly Result Snapshot Reports: Graphically presents the performance of GCC companies in terms of profitability and key performance drivers.
  • Compilations of Quarterly Consensus Earnings Estimates for GCC Companies: Summary of earnings estimates provided by various research houses.

Company Research Notes:We regularly publish detailed research notes on GCC listed companies.

  • Company Equity Initiation Notes and Updates: Our focus is primarily on actively traded companies in the GCC region that are of interest to our clients. SICO's company/sector research reports are prepared after extensive interaction and meetings with respective company managements and industry experts.
  • Industry Reports: Covers active industries that are most topical, either as detailed notes or brief updates, including the most actively traded companies.

Periodical Reports:In addition to our detailed research notes, we publish the following periodical reports, which cover activities in Bahrain and other GCC markets:

  • GCC Daily Report (GCC Market Watch): This is perhaps the most comprehensive research daily covering the GCC markets, and is published just a few hours after the last market closes (on the very same day of trading).
  • Bahrain Daily Report: A quick snapshot of daily market movements of stocks in the Bahraini market and also detailed financial and market information of all listed and traded companies on Bahrain’s bourse. 
  • Petrochemicals Round Up: Provides insights into one of the GCC region's fastest growing and key industrial sectors - Petrochemicals.
  • Oil Markets Update: Tracks important data points used by investors/analysts for understanding oil market dynamics, and interpreting/forecasting price movements.
  • GCC Economics - The Numbers: A summary of the key GCC economic statistics reported by respective central banks.